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The gallery is pleased to welcome back Robert Doyle, this time, however, he is exhibiting a series of portraits, four life-size and six portraits of friends. The life portraits are significant because they offer a view of the sitters in their environments. These he denotes as "intentional" 

              "More Background...
               Scale of the subject/object in the image has interested me since the 1970s. In a number of projects over the years I                         have used lenses and enlargement size to render the subject at, more or less, life-size.            
               When the scale is 1:1 you tend to interact, engage…
               Eye contact… Look at me… acknowledge that there is an interaction… A depiction, a portrayal, a rendering… to paint…                 To paint - depict, render, portray, acknowledge and interact with the subject.
               To cause to be… to give back..."* 

*From Robert Doyle's artist statement. 
These are powerful statements about what matters to the sitter and yet challenges our notices of the importance of the image.

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