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The Dean of Students, along with the office for Student Conduct & Community Standards, is responsible for the student conduct system at the College.  While most cases are heard by a College Conduct Administrator, the more serious cases of misconduct are adjudicated through a Student Conduct Board which is made up of students, faculty, and administrative members of our community.

The Student Conduct Board is an enriching means of taking an active role in the education of students. Might you consider becoming a member of our pool of individuals trained to hear conduct cases at Geneseo? The time commitment is flexible, and training will be provided to all volunteers.


As a member, you are responsible for occasionally serving on a three-person panel charged with adjudicating alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. You will review reports from community members, resident assistants, and University Police. You will also have the opportunity to converse with and question reporting parties, respondents, and witnesses. 

Most importantly, you are responsible for objectively reviewing information to weigh evidence and credibility to make the best-informed decisions regarding responsibility and proper sanctions (if responsibility is determined).

Most members will hear approximately two cases each semester.

There are 2 types of conduct boards and training. For general conduct violations, we offer the “Basic Training Sessions.” For sexual misconduct violations, there is a “Title IX and Interpersonal Violence Session.” Might you consider serving on one or both types of boards?

If you would like to volunteer to become a member of the Student Conduct Board or to continue on as a member of the Student Conduct Board, please see the list of training dates below.  

Please complete the Sign-Up Form to register for a training session(s). You are only required to attend one training session for each type of training. However, you must complete the Basic Training to attend the Title IX & Interpersonal Violence Training. 

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