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Grab your knitting needles or crochet hooks and join the Geneseo Tempestry Stitching Circle! We meet once a week to work on our tempestry pieces, recording the daily high temperatures for SUNY Geneseo’s 150th year, 2021, with corresponding yarn colors. These sessions are in-person and enriched with engaging speakers from campus with expertise in areas relevant to the project, including “craftivism,” climate change, historical textile production, and more, as well as relevant videos! We welcome all to our circle, even those who aren’t working on the Geneseo Tempestry project, but who might simply want to listen in, bring their own project to work on, or learn how to knit or crochet!  For those interested in creating their own tempestry, our group provides the data, the pattern, guidance, and, for students, free supply kits! Please contact Amanda Schmidt ( for more information.

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