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Generative AI, such as chatGPT, is changing many long-held practices of assessing student learning in higher education. This panel discussion is an opportunity to hear from your Geneseo colleagues about assignments they use in class that minimize the potential impact AI might have, and that provide authentic assessment. 

Whether long-held practices or new designs for this semester, come hear a range of models for assignments that minimize the opportunity of students using AI to do the thinking for them. 

Panelists include:

  • Mohammad Sadegh Ansari, History
  • Alla Myzelev, Art History
  • Amanda Roth, Philosophy & Women's and Gender Studies
  • Lytton Smith, English 
  • Suann Yang, Biology

This will be a virtual event, hosted on Teams. 

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This session is co-sponsored by the Center for Digital Learning and the Teaching and Learning Center. Questions or comments ahead of the event may be directed to Paul Schacht or Alexis Clifton. 


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