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Each year, college students generate mass quantities of food waste. Every piece of food that makes its way onto a plate serves a greater purpose—one that should end with being composted as opposed to thrown away. Food that is thrown away makes its way into landfills that produce large amounts of methane gas emissions, directly contributing to global climate changes.

CAS chooses to compost instead of trashing food waste to help decrease our carbon footprint and encourage a sustainable environment for generations to come. Join us at each of the three pay-one-price locations (Letchworth, Mary Jemison, Red Jacket) for live demonstrations in which we determine just how much food waste is collected within our dining facilities over a 2 hour period. You can attend a Save the Scraps—Weigh-In on Compost event during the following times:

Letchworth: Tues. 3/19, Tues. 4/2 from 6–8pm
Mary Jemison: Tues. 3/26, Tues. 4/16 from 12–2pm
Red Jacket: Wed. 3/27, Wed. 4/10 from 6–8pm

Join us in our mission to decrease the amount of waste coming from our dining locations!

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