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On this Friday, Dec. 1st - the LGBTQ+ Life Office, as well as several other offices and local support organizations, will be hosting its first ever 
“Saving SEX Day”
We will be hosting a Sex Education fair to help “Save” the idea of sex for so many college students whose perception is often warped by the media and false/inaccurate/ or lack of education. Simultaneously, we have the goal of bringing awareness to the impact that AIDS/HIV has on people all over the world as 
Dec. 1st is also World AIDS Day
We recognize that many of SUNY Geneseo's students may not have had a fully informative and/or helpful experience with sex ed. For this reason, this event aims to equip Geneseo students with a baseline knowledge of all sorts of topics surrounding sex education without the awkwardness that typically accompanies sexual education. Our "Saving SEX Day" is an exciting chance to come together and learn more about topics such as menstruation,  STIs, contraceptive options, gender-confirming care, sex toys, and so much more through demonstrations, item samples, and lots of exciting conversation
and bring awareness to AIDS and the impact that it has on the world!


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