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The Lederer Online Digital Exhibition is please to present The Misogyny Papers: Apology (2919-2020) by Victor Davson. To date the Misogyny  Papers consists in over 200 paintings, each 12 inches by 12 inches. This exhibit of 8 paintings each is constructed of 40 to 50 paintings, all but one is arranged in some variation of a cruciform or cross pattern that varies in complexity. These works of art adhere to socially engaged art and specifically “brings into relief issues of gender bias, violence and discrimination against women.”


Although this work is activist in form and intent, it also allows the viewer to witness the coalescing of Davson’s figuration and abstraction methodologies that exhibit a particular philosophy of form. With that, his use of color simultaneously  provides contrast that exudes narrative, that is, again made evident in the manner that text becomes mark, that not only tells you something, perhaps it is greater than mere narrative, reaching in the psyche of the a misogynist of the 1960s that Davson “felt compelled to silence.”( See Davson account of images found in his attic). Each individual painting has something say, as does each piece in its entirety.

Exhibition Dates: October 21, 2020 to April 1, 2021

During Women’s History Month: Victor Davson and I will discuss with Grace Aneiza Ali her recent publication Liminal Spaces: Migration and Women of the Guyanese Diaspora. Method, date and time to be determined.

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