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The TLC is hosting this open-forum discussion time to start to understand what ChatGPT means for our campus community.

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Though the AI writing tool ChatGPT was just released in late November, 2022, it's already caused a giant upheaval in how we think about writing as an expression of our personal thought and understanding. ChatGPT is not the first publicly available artificial writing assistant out there, but it is by far the most powerful yet. You've already read text and perhaps even seen student work that incorporates it.  

Members of our faculty and staff will speak about their experiences using ChatGPT for professional and personal tasks; what it means for student writing assignments; and what, if anything, we should be doing differently in our professional practices as a response to it. Everyone is welcome to join in and share their reflections on this tool so far. 

Consider creating an account with OpenAI now and test this tool out for yourself ahead of this session. Try asking it to answer a question you pose to your students, or having it draft a summary of something you've written. We will look at examples from it during this discussion, but as it's experiencing overwhelming traffic it may not be functional for everyone during our live time together.  

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