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This TLC Discussion series is devoted to the GLOBE curriculum and its Participation in a Global Society components. We invite conversations about our experiences teaching and advising within the brand new gen-ed curriculum. 

Join us as we examine the World Cultures and Values attribute in greater detail. 

  • What does this attribute mean for the design and delivery of a particular course? 
  • What should we be aware of when we advise students on courses to fulfill this component? 
  • What are options for meeting this component across our disciplines? 
  • How does this attribute fit within the greater scope of the new curriculum?  
  • How do we balance the needs of students in both the old and new curriculum as our courses evolve? 
  • What are our critical reflections of working with this attribute so far? 

Panelists will include

  • Amanda Lewis-Nang'ea, History
  • Ganie DeHart, Psychology
  • Jennifer Guzman, Anthropology

All members of the Geneseo faculty and staff community are welcome to join us in these discussions, inclusive of all levels of familiarity with the GLOBE curriculum so far. 

Meetings in this series will be virtual, using Teams. Learn more about how to get the best experience using Teams in this CIT guide. These meetings will NOT be recorded, in order to allow for free discussion. If you're interested in a session but unable to join at this time, contact TLC ( to express interest in future sessions. 

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