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How might recent research about the way learning happens inform our classroom practice? How can teachers frame and signal aspects of their pedagogy to the members of their classes to increase metacognitive awareness as to how learning happens in the classroom setting? 

Join Dr. Jess Fenn (MAT, PhD, MFA), Lecturer in English and Creative Writing, to discuss How Learning Happens, which surveys key research in educational psychology from the last thirty years. The book covers topics such as how the brain works and what this means for learning and teaching, prerequisites for learning, how learning can be supported, teaching activities, and learning in context. 

Sections of the book will be divided among interested participants so that each participant will only need to be loosely familiar with one or two chapters of the book in total.

Book discussions will take place virtually on Friday, April 7th from 2-3:30 and Friday, May 5th from 2-3. 

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A limited number of copies of this book are available through the TLC. Request a copy from Alexis Clifton (

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