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Microaggressions have a serious detrimental impact on a student's sense of belonging and inclusion at Geneseo. This is equally true for faculty, staff, and all members of our campus community. 

Guided by results from the 2022 Campus Climate Survey, this session will 

  • define and describe common types of microaggressions
  • provide hands-on skill-building to recognize and respond to microaggressions as they occur
  • examine the variety of situations where our interactions with students require our sensitivity to microaggressions 
  • identify relevant resources for additional information and practice

This workshop will be led by Monica Schneider, Professor of Psychology. It will have specific applications for campus staff, who encounter students and colleagues across a wide variety of settings. 

Advance registration is required for this event. Register here. There is a cap of 30 participants per event. 

Meeting date has been rescheduled (it originally was April 7th). Thanks for making that adjustment with us.  

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