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Join the TLC and Eloy Alfaro, RECONPAZ Ecuador, to learn more about the Pamba Mesa Student-Led Food Security Program.

Eloy Alfaro is an anthropology professor and ally to many indigenous communities in Ecuador, walking alongside these communities while they preserve their territories, traditions and cultures.

Professor Eloy Alfaro is visiting the area as part of a partnership with York Baptist Church, who participates in SUNY Geneseo’s student-led food security. Eloy discovered that students in Ecuador also have difficulty with food security, and he began a program around food there as well. Students are fed during an event inspired by the indigenous peoples of Ecuador called the Pamba Mesa. What is a Pamba Mesa? How does it feed hundreds of students? Come and see.

*RECONPAZ is short for Red Continental Cristiana por la Paz, Continental Christian Network for Peace, which unites interfaith and secular efforts from 11 Latin American countries and the Caribbean. Their vision is to be a space for cooperative transformative spiritualities, build justice and peace, accompanying the peoples who fight in our Americas for Good Living and a world without exclusion. For more, visit

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