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Calendar Help

How do I add an event to the calendar?

The SUNY Geneseo events calendar pulls events from the EMS room reservation system.

In-person events with a room reservation will be added to the calendar automatically, but you must fill out the event information form to make sure your listing in the calendar and events newsletter includes a description, photo, and audience info.

If you're hosting an event in a location that doesn't need to be reserved or if your event is online-only, please submit the event directly to the calendar.

Important: If you want your EMS-reserved event to appear in the calendar, you must identify it in EMS as an event rather than a rehearsal, practice, etc.

How do the event scheduling system (EMS) and the college calendar (Localist) work together?

If you've scheduled a room in EMS (either through the office or by using the web application you do not need to submit your event to the calendar. In approximately 24 hours or less, the event will copy over from EMS to the college calendar. When an event syncs to the calendar from EMS, the event name, location, date and time will sync over as well.

To ensure that your event copies over to the calendar, make sure to choose one of the event types below in EMS:

In-person events with a room reservation will be added to the calendar automatically, but you must fill out the event information form to make sure your listing in the calendar and events newsletter includes a description and/or photo, and audience info. It is critical on this form to tell us the audience for this event (faculty/staff, students, alumni, community, etc. -- you can identify one, several or all). This ensures that your event goes out in the weekly email newsletter of upcoming events.

How do I edit an event in the calendar or add a photo?

Please contact the Office of Scheduling, Events and Conference Services at They can assist with changes to an event. In addition, individuals on campus can be set up as administrators for their departments with authorization to directly edit events in the calendar. If you or someone in your department is interested in this functionality, contact Andrea Klein.

To ensure that your event listing is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities, please do not use photos with embedded text. Screen readers and other assistive devices cannot read text that's embedded in an image, and other users may find images crowded with text to be difficult to process. For more information, see the EIT accessibility website.

How do I promote my event?

A newsletter of upcoming events is sent to the entire student body every weekday during the semester. A separate newsletter for faculty and staff is sent every Monday and Wednesday. The sooner you get your event information into the calendar, the more chances you'll have for your event to appear in the newsletter.

You can also create an events widget that will display events just for a specific department, group, location, audience, tag, and more. This widget can be added to your website. If you need help adding an events calendar widget to your Geneseo website, submit a request for web help from CIT.

If you have access to a group email list, you can create a custom weekly email digest of upcoming events hosted by your group, send that to yourself, and forward it to your group members.

The Department of Student Life also offers some information about promoting events using physical posters and other means.

I want to communicate something to students or employees that's not really an event. How do I do that?

Please see the internal communications guide for options to communicate non-event information to students and employees (Geneseo login required).

My event should be appearing in the calendar. Why don't I see it?

Events submitted to EMS or the calendar need to be manually reviewed and approved before they will appear. Submit your event as early as possible to maximize promotion on the calendar and the events newsletters.

Rehearsals and some types of closed meetings don't appear in the events calendar, but there are links to the EMS calendar of rehearsals and all student org meetings on the calendar homepage.

My event isn't showing up in the newsletter. Why not?

In order for an event to appear in either the faculty and staff or student newsletter, the audience needs to be defined on the event. Make sure to fill out the event information form to define your audience if your event is in EMS or to add the audience information if you submit the event directly to the calendar.

I’m not affiliated with SUNY Geneseo. Can I add an event to the calendar?

No, sorry. The SUNY Geneseo events calendar only displays College events.

How do I save an event I’m interested in?

Log into the calendar using your Geneseo ID or sign up for an account if you're a member of the public. Click "I'm interested" next to any events you want to save. In addition to saving the event as something you plan to attend, it will enable the calendar to give you smarter recommendations for other events you'll like.

You can also sign up for a personalized weekly email digest of events from certain groups or topics of interest.

Can I add events to my Google calendar or iCal?

Yes. On the event page, click on the appropriate calendar application in the "subscribe" section.

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